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LOVE & VICTORY contains worship music that not only touches the heart of God but also touches the heart of every listener. The pureness of sound has a "drawing into worship" effect. From Songs of Love such as "Where Would I Be" to Songs of Victory such as "Song of Dominion"; LOVE & VICTORY will capture you while you drive, while you meditate, or even while you pray.

Producers include Ronald Rawls, Sal Oliveri, and Roger Ryan. Each producer brings his own worship style but the album results in an awesome continuity in flow of songs. LOVE & VICTORY features several friends who happen to be incredible Worship Leaders: LeAnne M. Palmore, Calvin Nowell, and Velisa Brooks Clemons. These three leaders also bring a great addition to the worship experience.

The two words LOVE and VICTORY together has become a great testament of Expressing our Love for the Lord along with Being Encouraged and Uplifted in the Lord. Two expressions that encapsulate the essence of the coupling of these words are:

The Church is now in a season, in the fullness of times, where war and intimacy are joining. Passion and power coming together as we are revealed as his Warrior Bride, taking ground for our BELOVED!
Apostle Tony Cavener, NE Metro Christian Fellowship of Atlanta

I believe Christ's death at Calvary proved his LOVE for us. How we continue to embrace His love only sweetens the VICTORY!
Minister LeAnne Palmore, LeAnne Palmore Ministries, Mineola, New York

We encourage you to join in on this worship experience!